Top 10 Weight Loss Tips: Easy, Natural and Painless Ways to Lose Weight

Whether you have an extra 10 pounds or struggling with obesity there are several easy, natural and painless ways to lose weight and keep it off. At its most basic, with a more active life, healthy eating habits and water one could easily save the risks of extra fats and help to reduce weight. Starting to control life with quality measures for better living serves efforts of weight loss without pain. It is the most painful step not knowing how and where to start from. There are too many people starting diets, quitting diets and not knowing why they cannot even lose a pound, even gain more at the end. Being aware of these bizarre facts about how people are obsessed with their weight but literally do nothing really matters to get rid of fats is the dilemma. Below top 10 weight loss tips are listed to enlighten all who wants to stay in shape.

Science Claims That Burning Fats is not a Nightmare

Never ending diets are the enemies of fats. Most of the people promise themselves to get on a diet on Monday and quit as soon as they lost 10 pounds. Whenever a diet is quitted whatever the reason is, immediately 20 pounds is gained just right after. It is even faster than they are lost. It is an issue to overcome with, isn’t it? No, fat can burn fat. Scientists recently proved that there are reasonable solutions for lasting weight loss.

In our foods and in our bodies, there are two types of fats; a good and a bad one. White fat is the one we’re fighting with, and brown one is helping us to torch the extra calories. To activate brown fat a little bit of effort is needed. Exercise is the best way to activate your body to release irisin hormone which converts white fat to brown. Like our body every food less or more contains both, it depends on our attitude to gain benefits.

Wake Up, Get in The Mood and Let Everyone Know What You Are Up To

Every day we socialize and interact with friends, family and colleagues. Hanging out with some other people is great and indeed can change the mood in a positive way. But what if they insist on doing something that we are not eager to do. For some of us it is not easy to say “no”. This is called sociotropy. Never fall in that trap once you decided to stay in shape and lose weight. If someone insists on eating some more food or dessert stick with your goal and say no politely. Soon everybody around will realize that you really got in the mood to lose weight and keep it off.

Avoid Licensing, Eat Slowly, Chew More Feel Fuller for Longer

To reduce weight a healthy diet must be adopted. Changing eating habits will contribute to stay in shape attitude. There is no need to ban foods but there is a need to balance when to eat and how to eat. People usually tend to license themselves to overeat or not to exercise after a low-calorie meal. This is called licensing by the scientists. Trying to avoid licensing and being alert to the fact it can provoke bad eating habits is one of the priceless weight loss tips.

It ıs not about how much we eat. But it is about how we eat and it is what makes the brain to decide whether we are full or not. Chewing each bite a few more times does not require a great effort but will most probably suppress appetite. The more we chew the less ghrelin, a hormone that triggers appetite, is released. Thus, soon after brain will decide it is not hungry anymore.

Go for a Walk More Often to Abandon Inertia

Once decided to stay in shape and lose weight stay outdoors more often. Walking is the best way of exercising every day. People living in countryside are more likely to stay in shape because they are more likely to take long walks. Therefore, obesity rates are much lower in country sides. Besides experts express that taking brisk of 30-minute walk will improve shape and activate body to burn fat. And activities like dancing, ice skating, or even hiking the mall will also help improving the mood as well as burning fats. Taking every chance as an opportunity to walk will soon pay its benefits as weight loss and with a fit look.

Do not Forget to Drink Water to Overcome Dehydration

Water is important, staying hydrated is important. Water does not burn fat but it helps to avoid overeating. Most of the time people confuse thirst with hunger. When body is dehydrated, this occurs because body receives mixed signals. It feels tired and thinks that it should eat to get the energy it needs. And instead of drinking water people tend to eat when they are thirsty. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day will be enough for appropriate hydration levels.

Calm Down and Sleep Well to Beat Stress

Stress is the disease of our age, and sometimes it is hard to cope with it. Worst of all it can trigger overeating. Stress causes body to release potent hormones which ends up with a burst of adrenaline and cortisol. These two hormones activate body to replenish energy by eating. Stress is a real challenge on weight loss and might add extra pounds as well. To lose weight and keep it off keeping stress away is critic and the best way to cope with stress is to have a good sleep.

Meditate to Change and Employ a New Mindset

Counting calories might be a way to reduce weight and stay in shape but it is not enough most of the time. Body and mind should be synchronized when a goal is set. Deepak Chopra suggests meditation for those who cannot lose weight and have chronic diets. He describes that meditation causes positive change in brain and supports body for weight loss. He suggests in just eight weeks, meditation will change eating habits and make body feel stronger. Employing a new mind set with meditation will remove disruptive effects of diets and help overcoming inertia as well.

Trick Your Appetite with Easy Tricks

Keeping calm after long lasting diets and exercises is not a destiny, it is a matter of self-control and discipline. Tricking appetite is not difficult, it is related with eating habits and strength of mind. For starters never exchange solid calories for liquid calories. Get your daily calories via solid food. Instead of drinking high calorie beverages eating fiber rich foods can help staying longer without the desire to eat. Moreover, eating means chewing at the same time and chewing grants fullness feeling. And drinking coffee causes body to release peptide hormones which will reduce hunger for at least three hours.

Less is More Do Not Full Plates

Eating less does not mean staying hungry. Reducing the size of meals and even plates may help tricking appetite. Portion control is an effective way of weight control and just because of this eating from a bag or a box does not serve stay in shape idea. Drinking water before eating is a good trick to reduce the size of portions as well as using a small fork. Experts frequently argues that being distracted during eating may lead overeating and add that should be better to focus on eating rather than reading or watching TV.

Keep It Off for Life Stay in Shape

To stay in shape might sound hard, but it is not. Reducing weight and fighting for it can be achieved with a positive attitude. The attitude towards whole life quality is the key for successful management of weight loss. To keep weight control permanently, one should make a commitment to adopt a healthier way of life. İmproving eating habits, drinking more water, taking every chance as an opportunity to walk, keeping stress out of life, eating slowly, chewing bites a bit more, getting in the mood and employing a new mind set can only be achieved with a strong commitment to goals.

It is simple to reduce weight and keep it under control since its becomes a lifestyle rather than a diet and an exercise duet. To change lifestyle by improving quality is the best tip to lose weight and keep it off for life. Changing eating habits is more effective than making boring low calorie diets. Having meals in small dishes with small forks and spoons can contribute to portion control. To stay feeling full for longer, controlling portions and eating without any distractions is crucial but is not enough. For a lasting impact, a new mindset should be employed. Keeping stress out of life and having enough sleep will also reap to stay in shape. All weight loss tips will work only if believed and strictly committed to them.