The Suggestions for Meal Plans

All the subjects about being fit and healthy is very important for all of us; not only I talk about women also the men are very interested in this matter. You may want to lose weight but you can be in the wrong ways for this goal or maybe you don’t know the right and appropriate method(s) for your own body balance. Everybody has different body system and so while you need a food, another person shouldn’t eat that food. One of the big problems in loss weight and stay healthy is “not having a meal plan” for the week. If you choose to behave too spontaneous in this process, you may not focus on the good and also your possibility of making mistakes will be at a higher level. If you want to be stay in shape and live healthy; you can look at our suggestions about meal plan for weight loss.

What are the advantages of a Meal Plan?

-You will know exactly what you eat and so you also see the harmful foods clearly that you have

-You will be more healthier

-You give the right foods to your body

-You feel more energetic

-You lose weight and stay in shape

-You feel happier because this system helps your psychology

-If you have an exercise programme then you can prepare your meal plan in accordance to this programme. So you will take more advantages of your activities

-You see that your every life areas are positively affected by this meal plan and you can focus on your works (business, reading a book, watching a film etc…) intensively


-Prepare your meal plan by weekly ( if you want you can do it monthly)

-Your meal plan should be done on the day before you go to the shopping

-Make selections for your own body system and look at the websites, blogs, books etc…

-Of course your family and partner are important so don’t forget to ask them about your plan

-Vegetables and snack meals are very good for weight loss

-Snack meals should be useful foods as almonds, walnuts, nuts etc…

-Fish and green salad are the great useful food selections

-You can change your lunch and dinner meals in your programme

-If you eat meat and chicken be careful for their cooking style.

-Your drinks should be out of sugar

A Meal Plan for a Day

Your organization of a meal plan will be very good for your weight loss plan and your health. There are a lot of meal plans so you should research very well and choose the appropriate one for you. It should be effective and easy for you. Let’s look at a meal plan example of a day below:



-One boiled egg

-A cucumber

-One piece of grain bread

-A slice of light cheese

-A Tomato

– A glass of milk

Snack Meal

10 pieces of raw almonds

-A glass of milk


4 grilled meatballs or 150 gr chicken cooked in oven

-4 spoons whole wheat pasta

-Olive oil as much as you want


1 cup lentil soup


Snack Meal

5 walnuts