The Best Exercises for Losing Belly Fat

The Best Exercises for Losing Belly Fat

Losing your belly is one of our biggest problems, unfortunately, also known as the hardest burning zone of fat in the body. First of all, the abdominal burning exercises should be seen as everyone can easily apply. 20 minutes a day is enough to achieve permanent weakness.

Abdominal burning is 20 minutes out of a problem. You can get rid of your fats and have hard abdominal muscles with 3 simple abdominal burning exercise that you can apply in sets. Initially, these three basic exercises will suffice for losing your belly fat. The set numbers of exercises can be increased in the future.

For our first act, lay back on the heels, keeping the heels in the air. Raise your legs in an upright position. Lift your hump to 15 cm and slowly lower. You can achieve success by repeating the same exercises 15-20 times on one set.

Our second exercise, reverse crunch. It is very popular among the abdominal burning exercises. The reverse crunch, which is very similar to the exercise of the shuttle, is quite successful in burning fat. Lie on your back, lift your legs and bend over your knee joint. You should be in position as if you were sitting in a chair. Without changing your position, take your knees straight and bring them back to their original position. Once you have gained experience in exercise, you can force your knees to touch your forehead. These exercises make you stay in the shape.

Burning of the abdomen

Finally, we can talk about the assisted crunch exercise to lose your belly. In this exercise, known as assisted shuttle exercise, lie back on your back and stretch your legs over a support. Combine your hands on your chest or behind your head. Raise your shoulders 10-15 cm from the floor, without changing your legs position. Feeling pressure in your abdominal muscles will be a sign that you apply exercise correctly. You get quite efficient results.

Abdominal burning and nutrition

Burning of the abdomen should not be exercised only by exercising. At the same time, you should take care of the foods you drink. With exercise, you can have a flat belly in a few weeks if you notice the following points.

You should pay attention to eating at least 3 meals a day. In these meals, you need to pay attention to the breakfast. You should consume plenty of fruit and vegetables during the break times to lose your belly.

Increasing the number of meals and eating fewer portions will be the healthiest method. You should pay attention to drink at least 1.5 liters of water during the day. Also, it will be quite useful to start the day with lemon juice to be mixed in hot water.

Sugar has both negative health effects and triggers belly formation. The sugar content in white bread is dangerous. Like sugar, salt is harmful to the body. It will be helpful to avoid salty food consumption. Make your bite small.