The Different Ideas on Vegan Diet

Veganism is attracting a lot of attention as a vegan diet. It means refusing to use animal products basically. People, who define themselves as “Vegan”, unlike vegetarians, do not consume any animal products, including dairy products, eggs and even honey.

They opposed animal products how it is processed (processed foods), terrible conditions in animal-raised places and sows, resources spent in raising animals, etc. Obviously, it is not achievable not to grant the vegans some of these issues.

Scientific evidences on vegan diet

It is claimed that there is solid scientific evidence behind the vegan diet. It is also said that it provides weight loss and even prevents fatal diseases. However, veteran advocates do not tell the whole story. According to them, there is definite evidence in favor of vegan feeding. In reality, these evidences are not valid either, and there is also a lot of counter-evidence that they do not consider. The truth is, Veggie nutrition, at least for some people, can give good results. There are also some ethical and environmental opinions (although I do not agree with them) to avoid animal germs. However, they are trying to create a view that only their own nutrients are healthy, by introducing unscientific claims that are full of incredible mistakes about animal nutritional deficiencies.

All benefits of eating a vegan food are due to the release of animal food. There are studies of the benefits of vegan and vegetarian diet for health. The supporters of these nutritional forms, all these benefits are connected to the avoidance of animal food. A properly designed vegan diet is made up of natural foods.

Detailed explanations about benefits of vegan diet

This diet does not only exclude animal products, but also other foods that are scientifically proven to be harmful to health. Let’s take a look at what is excluded from animal food. Insulin causes resistance and fat in the liver because of refined sugar. Obesity is associated with heart disease and sugar.

Processed cereals splash in blood sugar, insulin resistance and weight gain. Chances to lead to some chronic and contemporary diseases are very high. Vegetable fat contain high amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids, they cause all kinds of inflammation and increase in oxidative damage. Trans fats are extremely harmful. It is very linked to many diseases, especially heart diseases. These diets also stay away from processed foods. These foods have low nutritional values, while they contain abundant artificial chemicals and harmful substances.

The plausible explanation here is that the benefits of the vegan diet are due to avoiding harmful substances such as processed foods and refined sugar. There is no contribution to eating unprocessed animal food. Comparisons between vegan diets and other diets are compared with unhealthy, western-style fast-food diets, as opposed to unprocessed food diets or Mediterranean diets.

The benefits of a vegan diet are more to avoid harmful and processed foods. There is no interest in eating the unprocessed animal foods with the above benefits.