About extreme weight loss

Weight is a condition that needs to have balance all time. Otherwise, it causes problems both for more and less. If you are a less weight person than normal, you get illness often or you have problems with some tiring cramps, etc. If you are an overweight person , you have problems with your heart and your blood level. Because it is hurt to circulate your blood to all your body. That means you need to balance your weight to continue your normal life with healthy organs. Generally overweight people try some diets to lose weight, ıf they are not under doctor control and healthy, even they lose weight they fail. Because they have extreme weight loss, they lose wrongly.

Extreme Weight Loss

During a healthy diet, you eat vegetables and fruits that cook in a healthy way. You pay attention to drink more water and do exercises. But there are some diets that provide extreme weight loss in an unhealthy way. You should know that weight loss in a short time is dangerous. Because you need to burn your fats and in a short way it is impossible. You lose your muscles, you lose your water in your body and it causes serious problems. If you lose weight fats you face with dangerous weight loss and fatigue. Your fats all still stay but your muscles has gone. It is what it wrong. There are diets that just include proteins nothing more or different. They are so wrong . Because if you just eat protein, you can nor provide enough energy that you need in your body. All your meals have to include carbohydrates to take energy. You need some glucose for your health.

Weight Loss During Pregnancy

If you have Weight loss during pregnancy, it is another dangerous situation. On first months of being pregnant, women generally can not eat a lot , they have nausea and lose some weight but not big amounts. After 3rd month, they start to eat normal and put some kilos with baby. If they do not put any kilos and lose more, it is a really dangerous condition both for mum and baby. Because baby take his or her food from mum and there is no food, it causes dead. That’s why pregnant mum’s have to pay attention their meals and they absolutely do not try any diet during their pregnancy.

Weight Loss And Fatigue

If you lose weight in a short time, it means your body lose lots of things that you need. Your body needs lots of different things such as carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, potassium, different kind of minerals and vitamins. If you limit some of them wrongly, it causes chaos. You need to take all of them in enough amounts to block extreme weight loss.  Otherwise you face serious health problems that do not have turn backs. If one of your organs has damaged, it is possible not to work as healthy as before again.

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