What Is Your Weight?

Firstly all of us must understand we are beautiful at every weight. We need to love our self. A quick tip is our weight is just a number. It is not defies we are healthy or not also we can’t say s/he is healthy because s/he is not over weight.

Weight definition is a quantity. If someone asks you ‘what is your weight?’ you probably say …kg or …lbs. but you are missing one point. How much of this weight is fat and how much of this weight is muscle? Answers is not that quite easy.

Fat And Weight Loss

Have you ever heard how many fats take up space and muscle in the same weigh? 4 kg of muscle equals to 1 kg of fat. It means your main purpose must be losing fat. So if you want to lose weight you need to start burning fat. You can follow some easy tips and burn more fat quickly.

Drink Water

Fat cells demolish with water. An average person needs over than 2 liters water per day. This water provides or basic metabolomics activities. Drinking more water helps to lose fat and also drinking lemon water burns fat more quickly.

Cut Carbohydrate

Your body’s main energy resources are carbohydrates. If you cut them it replaces with fat.




Do Exercise

Doing exercise makes your metabolism work faster and burn more calories. With a good diet, you can reach the results faster.


Sleep is important for your body more than your thought.  It relaxes your body and your muscles. An average person needs 7 hours per day.

Eating Habbit

You need to totally change your eatıng habit if you consume junk food.  Your body needs breakfast, lunch and dinner. With this main meals, also eat some snack like apple. Not a chocolate bar. In breakfast you can consume some egg for energy. It help to make you full for all day.

Fat Burner Nutritions

Some of the foods help to burn fat. Here is number one, red hot chili peppers.  Capsaicin makes your body works faster and it is helps to increase of metabolism speed.
Ginger makes your vain enlarge. This is helps to your muscles feed more by your blood.
Milk has calcium and your body needs 1.200 mg calcium per day averagely.  You can use diet milk to burn fat.
Orange and grapefruit clears up fat cells and also vitamin C provides energy to start up your day. Replace your coffee with orange juice.
Egg has B12 and it is totally what your body needs.

Eating pulse provides amino and drinking green tea helps to fat burn.

Make a salad with garlic and vinegar. This is your body what needs.

Walnut is full of omega-3 oil. Omega helps to burn fat cells and it is good for your cholesterol.

Yogurt has calcium and you can eat yogurt for snack. It makes your hunger satisfied and makes you feel full.

In general do not eat much and do exercise. This is the secret of a fit body. Take care of yourself.

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